Modular Building Construction - Boyton-BRJ

Boyton-BRJ System Buildings Limited offers complete solutions for modular buildings; design, manufacture, installation, movement of existing modular buildings, all the way through to handover. Our range of buildings include; Panel Buildings, nurseries, Volumetric Buildings, Brick-Clad Buildings, Ticket Offices, and Tailor-Built Designs.

Using pre-fabrication construction techniques, Boyton-BRJ can manufacture temporary or permanent volumetric buildings such as school classrooms through to timber framed brick-clad buildings for permanent use.

The advantage of this type of construction is that turnaround and on-site periods are shorter than conventional building techniques because the majority of the work is completed in the factory before leaving for site. With a full design service available, many of our clients including local authorities and large organisations, utilise custom-built designs to suit their particular purposes.

Boyton-BRJ also undertake all the associated building, electrical and mechanical work needed to complete the construction ensuring that the handover is completed as smoothly as possible.

Pre-owned modular buildings are a cost effective way of obtaining extra space, and with this comes the logistics of moving the building from its original site to the new site. Boyton-BRJ has all the necessary experience in order to make the relocation possible in a professional manner.

The majority of Boyton-BRJ's business is repeat contracts due to our competitive tenders and flexibility which allows us to out-perform many of our larger competitors.

pic of adyfield school crane lift custom classrooms panel build